Ritesure is a Short Term Insurance Brokerage which provides personal and commercial insurance solutions.

Ritesure's suite of personal insurance products include insurance of domestic buildings, insurance of household contents, personal belonging insurance, vehicle insurance, insurance of electronic equipment, watercraft insurance, and personal accident cover. Ritesure's suite of commercial insurance products include comprehensive insurance against damage to buildings caused by fire, weather, accidents or geyser bursts, insurance of office contents, insurance of electronic equipment, insurance against theft, insurance of goods in transit, and insurance cover against loss of profit.

Ritesure also offers a variety of liability cover solutions such as Directors and Officers Liability cover, Product liability cover, Public liability cover and Employers Liability cover.

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The quality of Ritesure's personal and commercial insurance products and the level of service delivery it is based on three core values: Integrity, Loyalty and Excellence. Ritesure delivers an honest and efficient service.

Operating in a highly competitive market, Ritesure has realised that clients and their insurance cover needs are unique and need to be treated as such.

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All Risk Insurance

Understanding the importance of keeping receipts and insuring items.

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Five insurance nightmares

Five insurance nightmares that keep business owners awake at night

By Bryan Verpoort, Head of Corporate and Business Insurance at Standard Bank

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Insurance Blacklisting

Insurance blacklisting - know your rights (Steve Zietsman)

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